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Never get bored of the same old thing with the Wow Loyalty Program!

Click below to purchase a gift card to any of our participating locations!

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Join the Wow Family loyalty program and save.

Signing up is fast and easy.

Sign up and receive

Discounts and rewards. Save by getting rewards for spending, discounts and promotions on menu items, specials, and more. That's money in the bank.

VIP Events.  DIY cupcake decorating at Underground Bakery? Check. Exclusive open mic night with drink specials? Done. Wine tasting and half off apps at Grazie? You got it. We like to party, we know you do too.  Let's do it together. 

So much more. Get first looks at what we've got going on, access to special Daily Deals, and anything else we can come up with to benefit you. We'll even send you something on your birthday we like you so much.

The best part?

It's all in the family

Wow Food Group loyalty discounts and rewards can be earned and spent across all of our family locations. Bought a 2 tier cake at Underground? Take a free appetizer at Southern Stone. You spent $100 at Grazie, but want to spend the 50 points it earned you on a cupcake from the bakery? We'd probably do the same thing. That's why our loyalty program is designed for use across multiple locations, so you'll never get bored of the same thing again.

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